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NH book Cover
To Fly on a Cloud: New Hampshire

Book #1

Jacob is eating breakfast while he waits for his friend Max. It is almost time to walk to school. He glances out the window and sees his friend, but also sees something more alarming. Violent storm clouds are approaching! Jacob runs out his front door to save Max, but it is too late. At the last second they get scooped up by Bandit and begin the adventure of a lifetime. Bandit, a magical cloud becomes a friend and guide as they visit and learn all about New Hampshire.

Oct. 2016, Paperback, 57 Pages, ISBN# 978-1-4787-6959-0

Maine Book Cover
To Fly on a Cloud: Maine 

Book #2

It seemed like any other summer morning, but there was something that wasn’t quite right. Taylor and Nikki were being followed. Was it a ghost? A werewolf? Or something even more sinister? It all happened so fast but, they found themselves on the adventure of a lifetime. Thousands of feet up in the air, learning all about the state of Maine. There was one question that needed to be asked. What is that mysterious cloud doing with Bandit?

Oct. 2021, Paperback, 100 Pages, ISBN# 978-1-63728-851-1

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